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3 May 1998

Added a page on the toon shader by Colin Doncaster. It creates cartoon-style images with RenderMan.

This site is adopting QuickTime 3 as a standard for multimedia presentation. Be sure to download it at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/

5 December 1997

A new page was started to demonstrate the use of Blue Moon Raytracing Tools with Presenter. BMRT is a RenderMan-compliant rendering system hosted on UNIX and Linux systems.
The page on GIF images for the web was updated. Link were added to www.colorcube.com and The Bandwidth Conversation Society.

25 November 1997

The vidimap shaders were inadvertently omitted from the Presenter 3D CD-ROM, so download them here. These shaders support the built-in texture mapping routines for RenderMan. They should be placed in the Plug-Ins folder containing the "Pug Anchor" file.

22 September 1997

The radial.sl shader was published.

6 September 1997

This site is now has a European mirror at http://be.servus.at. Hosting arrangements are provided by Holger Watermann.
Two new RenderMan shaders were added: colornoise.sl and displacenoise.sl.

3 August 1997

The vidi-list mailing list is now available.
Here is an update on the RenderMan plug-in module.
The Angle8 animator was added. It is used for back-and-forth motions. It used to be on AOL.



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