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File Transfers on the Internet


If you need to send files to Creative Advantage, we have a place on the Internet to do this using FTP (file transfer protocol). FTP is now the preferred way to send files. Please contact us if you have questions or problems.

The server address is (IP address

The site has an upload directory and a download directory. The upload directory can be used to send files, but you will not be able to see the other contents of the folder. This will keep the files you send private and unaccessable to other users.

When you transmit a file, please send a note to Creative Advantage. If the file you are sending is extremely large (more than 10MB), please alert us in advance so we can be sure there is enough room on the server.

Windows 95 file compression

It's a good idea to compress your files before sending them to reduce the transmission time and save disk space. If the files are small, you may want to combine them into a single file to send. A good compression program to use is WinZip95.

Instructions for Windows users with standard Internet service

Under construction... We hear "Cute FTP" is a good program for Windows file transfers.

Macintosh file compression

To ensure that the files are sent and received correctly, we recommend using an compression program such as StuffIt or Compact Pro. Shareware and commercial versions of the programs are available. You can combine several files into a single file for transmission.

Instructions for Mac users with standard Internet service

For standard Internet connections, Fetch is a good program to do FTP. The current version of Fetch is 3.0.3.

  • Prepare the files to be sent with the compression instructions above.
  • To use Fetch, use the "New Connection" command and enter
    • Host:
    • User ID: anonymous
    • Password: (enter your e-mail address here, e.g. "")
    • Directory: /pub/creativead/
  • Double-click on the "upload" directory.
  • Set the file transfer mode to "Binary" before sending.
  • Click the "Put File..." button to select and transmit the file.

Instructions for America Online users (Windows 95 and Macintosh)

AOL users can follow this procedure to send files:

  • Prepare the files to be sent with the compression instructions for Windows 95 or Macintosh above.
  • Select the "Keyword" command under the "Go To" menu
  • Enter "ftp"
  • Click the "Go to FTP" button
  • Click the "Other Site" button
  • For the site address, enter ""
  • Leave the "Ask for login name and password" option unchecked.
  • Click the "Connect" button.
  • In the "Remote Filename" box, type in the name of the file.
  • Select the "Binary" transfer mode button.
  • Click the "Select File" button and choose the file you wish to send.
  • Click the "Send" button to start the file transfer.

Information for FTP via web browser

You can link to, but uploading and downloading files can be tricky. If you must use the browser, be sure to follow the instructions for preparing the files.

Information for e-mail file transfer

You can also e-mail files to Creative Advantage, but we have set a 10MB limit on mail server files sizes. Be sure to prepare the files to be sent with the compression instructions for Windows 95 or Macintosh above.


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